Choosing the Right Name for your Dog

When you bring home a new pet, one of the biggest responsibilities is to choose the right dog name. Listed here are helpful tips when naming your dog.

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Stick to 1 – 2 Syllables

Long names might be unique, but they can be difficult to say. Communicating with your dog relies on first getting your dog’s attention. When you choose a long, multi-syllable name for your pet, your dog might not have the attention span necessary to wait for you to utter all the syllables before running off and getting into trouble. Additionally, if your dog is in danger (i.e. running into the street) a short name will be easier to yell.

Consider your Dog’s Heritage

Stuck on the naming process? Consider your dog’s breed. If your pet is a German breed, consider names such as Hans or Hilda. If your dog is a Japanese breed, consider Aki or Haru. Don’t be afraid to dig deeper into your dog’s culture to choose a unique name. Just make sure that you can pronounce the name correctly, as the meaning of a word can drastically change due to subtleties in pronunciation.

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Avoid Names that Sound like Commands

It can be easy to forget that dogs don’t speak our language. In fact, most canine behavioral scientists believe that dogs can understand approximately 100 words. Therefore, it is important not to confuse your dog by naming him or her anything that rhymes with “no” “stay” “here” “sit” or another common command. For instance, while “Snow” would be a great name for a Siberian Husky, this moniker could cause confusion for your pet.

Choose a Name the Family Likes

When settling on a name for your dog, make sure everyone in the family is happy.  If your daughter chooses the name “daisy” for your beagle, but your son prefers “Rambo,” one child might use the dog’s name begrudgingly.  In this case, your dog might not bond with the child that doesn’t like to say the dog’s name, as your pet will sense the hesitance in the person’s voice.

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Opt for a Unique Name

Finally, make sure you choose a unique name, especially if you plan to take your dog to public areas such as dog parks.  Nothing is worse than calling for Bella, only to have 15 dogs run to your side!  As a final word of caution, before choosing any name give it the “dog park” test.  Make sure the name you choose isn’t one you will be embarrassed to yell out loud in front of other people. ?

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