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Are Sticks Dangerous Toys for Dogs?
Whenout in the yard or on a trail, a stick makes for a great makeshift dogtoy.  Versatile in their usefulness,sticks can be used as chew toys, for tug of war, and for playing fetch.  However, veterinarians and canineprofessionals are encouraging dog owners to ditch the sticks and play withsafer alternatives in order to avoid the risk of serious injury or even death. Mouth InjuryInjuriesto the mouth and throat are common among regular stick-playing dogs.  As dogs gleefully run around the yard with astick hanging out of their mouth, they are unaware of the dangers that canocc..
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Could Eating Chocolate Kill your Dog? or it is a Myth?
Without a doubt, one of the most widely recognised pet poisons is chocolate.  This favourite dessert is considered by many pet owners to be so harmful that some refuse to even have any cocoa products in the house.  However, is chocolate as harmful as it has been made out to be?    What are the symptoms of chocolate poisoning?Chocolate is dangerous to dogs because of two naturally occurring chemicals found in the cocoa plant:  theobromine and caffeine.  Theobromine is part of the methylxanthine family and is responsible for giving unsweetened chocolate ..
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We bought a Labrador - Why Labs
Although we promised ourselves we wouldn't, we recently decided to add to our little family and get a playmate for our beagle/chow mix, Sadie.  If we were going to bring a new dog into our home, we wanted to choose the perfect breed.  Sadie is our baby, and can also be a very difficult dog at times.  She is energetic, bossy, and also very dominant.  Needless to say, we had our work cut out for us.  Fortunately, we found the perfect match in a black Lab we have named Smokey.  Listed below are only a few reasons a Labrador was the perfect fit for our famil..
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Why Vitamin Supplements for Dogs
As you reach for your daily multivitamin in the morning, have you ever considered that your dog may benefit from an extra dose of vitamins and minerals, as well?  Although most dog foods contain an adequate amount of all necessary canine nutrients, many dogs can benefit from the addition of extra vitamins or minerals in their diet.  Listed below are only a handful of advantages that can be gained when supplementing your dog’s nutrition. Boost Nutrient Absorption Some breeds, especially northern breeds such as Siberian Huskies, suffer from zinc malabsoprtion.  For t..
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