Medium Dog Breeds

Why Choose  A Medium Dog Breed

This is the most popular breed size in the world. Medium dog breeds consists of different variety of dog breeds and they’re large in number. In other words, there’s a lot to choose without running out of options. Medium dog breed makes a great family companion  because they are less likely to knock on children or get into an accident when playing with kids. And they can handle chaotic families.

That said, medium dog breeds perform well in obedience and training classes. You won’t struggle training them like pets. For instance, a Border Collie can learn new commands under five seconds and will keep it 98% all the time. Border Collies is not the only breed that is intelligent, there are lots of dog medium breeds who have the intelligence gene.

Take a look at the dog and click on their image to learn about their characteristics and personality that they have.

Medium dog breeds

Medium dog breeds needs moderate exercise, which makes it possible for them to adapt in any environment without requiring so much space. The majority of medium dog breed weighs around 40 to 60 kg. This makes them fit in any travel crate, which means that you can fly with them to any destination.

Keep in mind that medium dog breed is an active, high energy dog. A great companion would be a person who likes to exercise or run a lot. Besides, you’ll be having a great partner when you’re doing your cardio in the evening or in the morning.

In other words, you need to have outdoor hobbies or create hobbies that you can play with them.  Most medium sized dog breeds don’t have lots of health challenges like larger dogs, which means, you’re likely to spend more years with them at  home.