Hi, we’re PetCare

who is PetCare pet insurance

PetCare is an Australian owned and operated business (Still in the development stage), We started as an online pet store and we are planing to move into providing pet Insurance for Aussie pet Parents like us. – We are still building up our site, and providing valuble information to our visitors.

At PetCare Pet Insurance we are focused on the health of your cat or dog and providing you with peace of mind. We are pet people, not a faceless, nameless insurance company where you and your pet become just another account number. PetCare Pet Insurance has received high praise from the veterinarian community and is backed by a reliable and reputable underwriter. We are as safe and secure a pet insurance option as any competitor. 

Our history begins with your pet.

After years in the pet industry, we recognized that the rising costs of veterinary care were making it difficult for pet owners to afford the best care possible for their canine and feline companions. This realization inspired us to create PetCare Pet Insurance to assist pet owners in having the capability of choosing quality care for their pets. No pet or owner should have to suffer because of expensive veterinary care; no pet should face euthanasia because his owner could not afford the vet bills.

Since launching PetCare Pet Insurance, we are gratified by the number of cats and dogs and pet owners who have benefitted from the variety of insurance programs we offer. From basic to comprehensive to accident coverage and everything in between, PetCare Pet Insurance is proud to be the pet insurance of choice for thousands of customers just like you.

Honest is our specialty.

We are pet owners ourselves, so we understand how important your pet is to you and your family. That’s why our sole focus is ensuring that you have access to pet insurance that works for you and your budget. PetCare Plus Insurance will always be honest with you and forthright in the type of coverages we offer; not everything will be covered under our policies, and we do not cover any existing conditions that your dog or cat may have. Check out our pet insurance page for more information on the coverage that is available to you and your furry friends. PetCare Plus Insurance will provide you with a quote within a few moments.

Join our community.

As a member of the PetCare Plus Insurance community, you will receive top notch customer service anytime you make a claim or reach out with a question. Familiarize yourself with our website and blog content and let us know what you would like to learn more about concerning pets, health care, and insurance coverage. We understand the deep connection you have with your pets, and we are just as passionate about pets as you are. We know that your cat or dog is more than just a pet: they are family. Help secure a brighter, healthier future for your pet and join the PetCare Plus Community today.