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Dog Insurance- Healthy Paws Forever

Your dog is the part of your family, and their health always comes first.
Get Your Pooch Covered from Head to Paw with the flexible Pet Insurance by Pet Care. We provide you with Basic, Accident, and Comprehensive cover that will provide the best VetCare for your pet.
PetCare has partnered with the best underwriter and will cover up to $100 for Behavioral Therapy, Teeth Cleaning, Obedience Training, and much more. We also cover $50 for vaccinations, regular check-ups, heartworm control, and flea tick control.
Our range of Dog Insurance plans will cover up to 80% of your eligible Vet bills.

Why Do You Require Dog Insurance?

A house is not a home without your pet.
If your dog requires treatment for any kind of illness or accident, you will be totally covered with the dog insurance.
Caring for dogs is expensive and especially in the cases of emergency.
While we are always secured with our necessary life insurances, our pets are also required to be secured with the important pet insurances.

Pet insurances help you with the-

  • Expenses on unexpected accidents.

  • Rising Veterinary costs.

  • New, recurring, and chronic conditions are also covered at no additional costs.

  • Fast claims of insurance.

  • Ideal for the dogs of all ages.

We pay 80% of the veteran costs in the case of all sickness case and accidents.
If you have enrolled for the Routine Care, your pet will also be covered with the regular vaccinations, desexing, chipping, and other health benefits.
With the dog insurance, you are also eligible for annual benefit limit along with the illness cover is $10,000.
Just like the members of your family, your furry friends also need to be covered.
So make sure they get the deserved care with PetCare Insurance.

Do You Need A Pet Insurance For Your Dog?

Choose the PetCare insurance that suits you and gets your quote within one minute.


How PetCare calculates your Pet Insurance premiums?

  • Date of birth.

  • Where your dog lives
  • Breed of your dog
  • Choice of PetCare cover

The purpose of Dog Insurance is to cover the cost of unexpected illness and accidents that may occur. Policies will not cover any existing or pre-existing conditions.
The ideal time to get your dog insured is as early as possible so that all claims can be made through insurances.
Dog insurance is not all about protecting your dog; it is also about saving yourself from unexpected expenses.