Dog Breed Weight Chart

Dog Breed Weight Chart The weight of a dog would depend on the breed and the sex. There are many factors for weight loss or obesity in dogs. See the below table for the Approximate ideal weight for each dog breed. Keeping your dog in an ideal weight would extend your dog's life, and [...]

Desexing Dogs Costs & Benefits of Desexing Puppies

Desexing Dogs & Puppies The Latest Thinking on the Pros and Cons of Desexing Dogs For years, the advice about desexing was simple: Neuter female dogs before their first heat and males around six-months of age. But all this has changed. No longer is there simple one-size-fits-all advice about [...]

How to Toilet Train a Puppy

How to Toilet Train a Puppy You’ve decided to bring a puppy into your life and all the energy and love that comes with her. But with this adorable ball of fur comes a lifetime of responsibility, starting with bringing her home and beginning the toilet training process. It’s an [...]

Puppy Vaccination Schedule | Why Vaccinate and the cost

Puppy & Dog Vaccinations Dog & Puppy Vaccination Schedule | Why do they matter? Your puppy is your best four-legged friend in the world, and her health and well-being are primary concerns. You feed, walk, and care for your dog, and you want her to grow up and live the [...]

Diabetes in Dogs

Diabetes in Dogs Has your dog’s diagnosis of ‘diabetes’ left you concerned and confused? To an owner, the responsibility of balancing their best buddy’s blood glucose feels as nerve-wracking as crossing over a ravine with your eyes closed. But the good news is there’s no need to worry because guidance is available and the [...]

Dog Age Calculator

Dog Age Calculator Ever wondered, if your Dog was a human, How old would he/she be? Every dog breed is different, Use our Dog Age Calculator to figure out the age of your dog in Human Years. Select the dog age and the breed from this calculator and it will convert to human years. [...]

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