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  • Dog Breed Group:  Working Dogs

  • Recommended for: Families with older children

  • Maintenance Level: High

  • Life Span: 9-13 years

  • Height: 64-70 cm

  • Weight: 70-90 kg

  • Temperament: Loyal, Independent

  • Hypoallergenic: No
  • Colors: Tan

Boerboel Breed Overview

The Boerboel is a large working dog with a muscular appearance. They are very strong and loyal, and it is a tough breed that was made especially for guarding in heavy African weather conditions.

They are tough working dogs that have a great reputation to be able to adapt to difficult and challenging situations and conditions. They are used for tracing because they have an amazing instinct that shows high levels of alertness outdoors. They can be also lazy from time to time, especially during hot months. It is important to walk them once a day in order to keep their health protected.

They are ferocious guard dog that will easily defend their family with brave attitude. For this reason, you should have a strong discipline in order to maintain it happily.

The Boerboel can reach up to 70 cm in height and 90 kg in weight.
They live approximately 13 years.

Origins of Boerboel

Boer settlers started developing Boerboel in the 17th century, and they were originally bred as working and guarding dogs. The modern Boerboel is a combination of two breeds such as Mastiff dogs from Europe, Bull Terriers and Bulldogs are also essential. People used them as trackers, attack dogs, hunting dogs and serious guard dog.

Boerboel Temperament

The Boerboel is a large animal and amazingly loyal. They have a great reputation with children, even though, smaller kids find them overwhelming. They are suited for families with bigger children, but you should always supervise them when together.

They have the affectionate temperament, which meant that they are loyal to family. They can show aggression towards strangers, which why is important to socialize them from the young age. The most important thing that you have to do as an owner is to show temperament and discipline.

Common Boerboel Conditions and Diseases

  • Hip Dysplasia – This particular condition is common among bigger breeds especially because hip doesn’t develop as it should, which often results in lameness and limping. You should check their health frequently that is the reason you should quote a Boerboel cover with us.

Interesting Facts

  • Boerboels were used as gun dogs in South Africa.
  • They are capable of fighting lions and leopards.
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