Snake Bites and Pets

Snake Bites and Pets Keeping Your Dogs and Cats Safe It is in your dog and cat’s nature to run through the grass or hunt and chase prey. However, in Australia, home to the largest number of venomous snakes in the world, your dog and cat face a different, more dangerous type of prey [...]

Can My Dog Eat That?

A definitive guide to Food that your Dog Can (or Cant) Eat A new puppy means opening a new chapter in your life. Getting a new puppy implies acquiring an affectionate companion and devoted guardian. On the flip side, it also implies saying goodbye to your new shoes, house plants, pristine carpets and fur-free furniture. [...]

Puppy Training Guide

A Breakdown of Everything You have to Do (and When) to Train a Puppy “There are no bad dogs, just bad owners. There’s tremendous truth to that” Barbara Woodhouse, dog trainer Is your puppy messing up your house? Most of all, do you have to follow it up, cleaning every poop and pee on the floor? [...]

How To Find The Best Veterinarian For Your Pet

Looking for a vet?  many vets practice in the are and which Vet to choose? Ensuring our pets receive the best of veterinary care is a very important factor many pet owners are concerned about. These days, veterinary hospitals and clinics seem to be popping up on every street corner. So, selecting a veterinarian most [...]

How to Perform CPR on a Dog

Since the official introduction of modern cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in 1946, countless human lives have been saved.  The same principles of CPR, specifically the artificial inflation of lungs as well as the jumpstarting of a heartbeat, can be applied to dogs as well.  In an emergency situation, knowing how to perform CPR on a dog can [...]

New Pet Care Guide: What Kitten and Puppy Owners Need

Congratulations – you’ve just added a new four-legged addition to your family! Whether it’s a roly-poly puppy, or a cuddly, fuzzy kitten, it’s always exciting to welcome a new pet into your home. Before your furry friend can settle in, though, it’s important to have the essentials on hand so that you can properly care [...]

Pet Ownership for the Homeless

For many pet owners, one of the worst sights to see is a homeless person asking for food or money with a dog in tow.  Indeed, pet parents can be very vocal on this subject, ranging from utter disgust to complete sympathy.  While some people understand that a pet can be a lifeline for a person, [...]

Importance of Year-Round Heartworm Prevention

What is heartworm disease Heartworm disease is one of the most devastating canine illnesses, yet is completely preventable.  Difficult and costly to treat, a heartworm infection leads to many restless nights for pet parents as well as injections, hospitalization, lab work, and pain medications for the dog.  In Australia, with warm weather, humidity, and a high [...]

Myths about Gastric Torsion (aka Bloat)

What is Dog Bloat / Gastric Torsion You may not be surprised that cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs, but if you are like most dog owners, you may have never even heard of the second leading cause:  gastric torsion aka dog bloat.  This emergency disorder occurs when a dog’s stomach fills with [...]

Correcting Common Behavioral Problems in Dogs

Despite being man’s best friend, dogs can sometimes develop a number of habits that become downright annoying or destructive.  With a little bit of patience and the proper technique, however, any dog Behavioral Problems can be cured. Barking Although barking is a natural instinct for dogs, one which helps them communicate with other canines, warn of immediate danger, [...]

Crate Training Guide

Although some pet owners may view a dog crate as cruel or inhumane, it is actually quite the opposite.  Dogs, as natural den dwellers, prefer small and enclosed spaces and feel safest when confined.  For many dogs, after the crate training, it even becomes a safe haven, one that he or she readily retreats to when [...]

Benefits of Muzzle Training Your Dog

Most dog lovers are conditioned to believe that muzzles are cruel or are only necessary for mean or aggressive dogs.  This harmful way of thinking neglects the fact that a muzzle is just another tool in the dog owner’s arsenal that can be extremely beneficial.  Teaching your dog to accept a muzzle can even mean the [...]

How Toys Fulfill a Dog’s Natural Instincts

Have you ever stepped into a dog store and wondered out loud why a dog needs so many different types of toys?  For some, the sheer number of rope toys, squeaker toys, rubber toys, and stuffing toys may seem superfluous, but each type of toy fulfills a natural need for your dog, and also helps to [...]

Preventative Medications: How do they differ?

Heartworm, fleas, ticks, parasites … the list of insects that pet owners must guard their dogs against can be an intimidating one.  Even worse, trying to find the proper Preventative Medications can result in a dizzying maze of online research, trying to find which product does what, and the differences between the vast array of available [...]

Potty Training 101

Purchasing or adopting a new puppy has plenty of perks, including cuddles, puppy breath, lots of play time, and adorable photo opportunities.  However, a new puppy also brings a responsibility that every pet parent dreads:  potty training.  With proper technique, patience, and a positive attitude, your puppy’s potty training can be (mostly) hassle and mess free! [...]

Why Does my Dog Need Socialization?

Have you ever encountered two dogs of the exact same breed whose behavior is drastically different?  Perhaps one of the dogs adores cats, small animals, and children while the other pet barks, chases, lunges, and nips at them.  One dog may be friendly and playful with strangers, while the other cowers in fear.  Aren’t purebred dogs [...]

Benefits of Interactive Dog Toys

Dogs, just like humans, need mental stimulation in order to stay happy and healthy throughout their lifetime.  Mental stimulation can be achieved in a number of ways, such as through regular socialization, daily exercise outdoors, and by teaching new tricks and commands.  For especially intelligent dogs, an extra interaction may be required to keep boredom at [...]

Sticks Dangerous for Dogs?

When out in the yard or on a trail, a stick makes for a great makeshift dog toy.  Versatile in their usefulness, sticks can be used as chew toys, for tug of war, and for playing fetch.  However, veterinarians and canine professionals are encouraging dog owners to ditch the sticks and play with safer alternatives in [...]

Travel with Pets

Nothing is more ubiquitous of a road trip than a sunny drive with the windows down and a dog’s head hanging out the car, ears flapping in the breeze, tongue out, and tail wagging.  However, there are a number of dangers that pet owners should be aware of when travel with pets. [...]

5 Most Common Emergency Veterinary Visits

When questioning whether pet health insurance is right for you, it is easy to think that your dog is healthy and therefore will never require emergency care.  However, many reimbursements by pet health insurance companies are caused by emergency situations.  The most common emergency veterinary visits are described. Accidental Poisoning The top cause [...]

New Pet Care Guide

New Pet Care Guide: What Kitten and Puppy Owners Need Congratulations – you’ve just added a new four-legged addition to your family! Whether it’s a roly-poly puppy, or a cuddly, fuzzy kitten, it’s always exciting to welcome a new pet into your home. Before your furry friend can settle in, though, it’s important to have [...]

What to Do when Fleas Strike

Flea infestations can be a dog owner’s worst nightmare.  The constant itching, scratching, and general discomfort of the infested dog is nerve wracking, not to mention the annoyance of fleas invading the home infesting the humans in the household.  Without proper vigilance, a few fleas can turn into a full-blown infestation.  The following are a few [...]

My Dog is Pregnant?

How to tell if my Dog is Pregnant Canine pregnancy is different from a human’s in many ways.  For one, the gestational period is much shorter – only two months – which makes early detection important to maintain optimal health for your pregnant dog.  Additionally, female dogs that have not been spayed have the ability to [...]