Cat Years Calculator – Convert Cat’s Age to Human Years

Ever wondered how old is your cat is in human calendar years? as you may aware cats are aging faster than us and  NO seven years is not equal to one cat Year.

Cat Years Calculator

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How good are you at converting cat years to human years?

Give this one a whirl:

Q:  A cat is 10 years old, how old is this in human years?

  1. 50
  2. 56
  3. 70
  4. 88

The answer…ta dah…is 56 years. How many of you got caught out by the ‘one cat year equals seven human years’ formula?

Actually, converting cat years to human years is anything but straightforward. For example, if a 10-year old cat lives exclusively outdoors, their human-equivalent age becomes 88 rather than 56. This is a great illustration of just one of the many factors that impact a cat’s life expectancy.

How to Calculate Cat Years

Firstly, how old is your cat and how do you convert cat years into human years?

That old chestnut about one cat year being the equivalent of seven human years is just plain wrong. For example, a six-month-old human is a babe in arms, whilst a six-month-old cat can look after themselves and have kittens of their own. Converting cat years to human years is complex because our feline friends age rapidly in their first couple of years and then slow up.

First two years of the Cat = 25 years of a human, then every year of human is equal to 4 Cat Years. However, this depends on how active your Cat is, and use our cat years calculator to convert their age. This calculator will give you a rough estimate of cats’ age to human years.

But more important is knowing your cat’s life stage. This matters because the organs work differently as the body ages. When you adjust their diet to put minimum strain on their kidneys, this helps extend the average lifespan of a cat.

World oldest cat ever

Creme Puff was born in August 1967 and lived until August 2005 in Texas USA (38 Years)

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