Desexing Cats and Kittens

Desexing Kittens and Cats An Owner’s Guide to Desexing Cats and Kittens It is the duty of responsible cat owners to do what’s best for their pet. While there is huge pressure on owners to desex their pets, it’s fair to query if this is truly in their best interests. [...]

Cat Vaccinations Schedule and Cost

Cat Vaccinations Cat Vaccination Schedule & why do they matter? Cat vaccinations can help to protect your pet against serious and potentially life-threatening diseases. Wanting to protect your Meow!, that shows you care and you are a responsible pet owner. Vaccinations are usually given by an injection under the skin, and they [...]

Choosing a Cat Breed

How to choose a Cat Breed Choosing a Cat Breed Laid Back If you are looking for a cat that prefers gazing out the window over chasing a laser pointer, a cat with a more relaxed vibe might be right for you.  Calm felines that don’t mind being left alone all [...]

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