Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes

Can Dogs eat Tomatoes? The tomatoes’ safety for dogs is quite complex. While ripe tomatoes are considered relatively safe, their green, leafy parts and stems, as well as unripe tomatoes are considered toxic for dogs. Since separating the toxic from the non-toxic parts can be risky and challenging, it is best to assume that that [...]

Can Dogs eat Cranberries?

Can my dog have Cranberries? Cranberries are not toxic, but they are also not the safest treat option for dogs. Cranberries are relatively difficult to digest and can easily lead to impaired digestion. It is a common misconception that cranberries aid dogs fight recurrent and stubborn urinary infections and diseases. The truth cannot be further. [...]

Can my dog eats Apples

Can my dog eats Apples? Go for it When it comes to canine nutrition, apples are safe as long as they are used in moderate amounts. Just like other fruits, apples are packed with vitamins (A, C, K), minerals (calcium), healthy dietary fiber and phytonutrients or plant chemicals. In addition of containing healthy [...]

Can My Dog eats Avocado

Can My Dog Eat Avocado? NO Avocados are listed among the top 10 most dangerous human foods for dogs. The avocado’s toxicity is due to a chemical compound called persin. The persin is a fungicidal toxin and it is mostly concentrated in the avocado’s leaves. A certain amount of persin is also present in [...]

Can my dog eat pop corn

Can my dog have corn & pop corn? Avoid Containing several vitamins and minerals, corn is a popular cereal. Due to its low price, corn is often found in many commercially available dog foods. However, corn is not more than cheap filler – it is also a good source of proteins, carbohydrate, linoleic acid, [...]

Can my dog Eats Chocolate

Can my dog have Chocolate? As hard and punishing as it may sound, dogs are not allowed to eat chocolate. In fact, chocolate is strictly forbidden for dogs. Chocolate contains a group of substances called methylxanthines (caffeine and theobromine). When digested, methylxantines have several effects on the body. Those effects inlcude: • Increasing the elimination [...]

Can my dog have Cheese

Can my dog Eat Cheese? In Small Quantities It is no secret that dogs love cheese just as much as we do. Cheese is not only delicious but also has high protein content, several essential fatty acids, certain vitamins (A and B-complex) and minerals (calcium). When it comes to dogs, cheese is [...]

Can my dog eat garlic

Can my dog eat garlic? NO Garlic, together with onion, leek and chives are all members of the Allium family. Due to a substance they contain, all members of this family are toxic for dogs. That substance is called N-propyl disulfide. The N-propyl disulfide damages the hemoglobin (substance found in red blood cells, responsible [...]

Can my dog have grapes & raisins?

Can my dog have grapes & raisins? No Grapes, in both their forms (raw and dried - raisins) can be extremely toxic for dogs. When discussing the grapes and raisins toxicity for dogs, the accent is put on the word can. Simply put, as interesting and unusual as it sounds, some dogs can eat [...]

Can my Dog have Nuts?

Can my dog have nuts? Avoid The general rule of the thumb is that dogs should avoid eating nuts, because all of them hold certain toxicity levels. Bearing in mind the huge variety of nuts available, it is hard to keep track of which nuts are dangerous and which are generally safe. Walnuts are [...]

Can my dog have Broccoli

Can my dog have Broccoli? Go for it Broccoli is extremely healthy, not only for people, but for dogs too. Packed with vitamin C and high in healthy fiber, the broccoli is a health bomb. In addition, it is very low in fat. Unfortunately, in the canine nutrition, the broccoli’s beneficial effects come with [...]

Can Dogs Eat Onion

Can my dog Eats Onion? NO Onions, together with garlic, leek and chives are all members of the Allium family and they are all strictly forbidden for dogs. It is because onions contain an ingredient called thiosulphate which is extremely toxic to dogs.  The thiosulphate damages the hemoglobin (substance found in red blood [...]

Mushrooms for Dogs?

Can Dogs have Mushrooms? Same as with humans, the only approved mushrooms option for dogs are certified and store bought mushrooms. Picked mushrooms are too much of a risk, even if picked by professionals. Dogs can be quite sensitive to certain types of wild mushrooms. Depending on the type of mushroom and the dog’s sensitivity, [...]

Can my Dog eats Celery

Can my Dog eats Celery? Ok in Limited As part of the leafy greens family, celery has perfect nutritional values. It contains plenty of vitamins (A, E, K, B, C) and has extremely high water content. Since most leafy greens are canine friendly, it is only logical to assume that celery is safe for [...]

Can dogs Eat Cherries

Can my dog have Cherries? Not Recommended Although not toxic, cherries are not recommended for dogs due to several reasons. First of all the cherry pits, leaves and stems contain a chemical compound – cyanide which is extremely toxic and potentially fatal. Additionally, if swallowed, the pits can cause intestinal obstruction and if inhaled [...]

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