Why I Bought a Labrador

//Why I Bought a Labrador

Although we promised ourselves we wouldn’t, we recently decided to add to our little family and get a playmate for our beagle/chow mix, Sadie.  If we were going to bring a new dog into our home, we wanted to choose the perfect breed.  Sadie is our baby, and can also be a very difficult dog at times.  She is energetic, bossy, and also very dominant.  Needless to say, we had our work cut out for us.  Fortunately, we found the perfect match in a black Lab we have named Smokey.  Listed below are only a few reasons a Labrador was the perfect fit for our family.  We read about them first in http://www.labrescue.com.au/labs-as-pets.html

 Labradors have a lot of energy

Energy level was a very important consideration for us, as Sadie typically joins us for 3 -4 mile runs and hikes, and has energy that can last all day.  Labs are known for their adventurous attitudes and love for playing outdoors, which made Smokey a great fit.  Sadie loves having a companion to hike in the woods and discover new scents with.

Labs are submissive

In general, labs tend to be submissive with other animals, which is part of the reason why they make great family companions.  Since Sadie is dominant, we knew we needed a submissive dog in order to keep the household peaceful.  Smokey has been the perfect gentleman, allowing corrections from her as he learns the rules of the house and yard.

Labs are great with children

Although we do not have children, it was important to us that any new dog we brought into the family was good with kids.  I have many small family members and our neighborhood is filled with kids who want to stop and say hi while we are out on walks.  Labs, as the quintessential family dog, are known for their gentle nature with children.  Smokey is great with my 18 month old niece and 6 week old nephew, and even allows my niece to “walk” him around the house when she attaches his leash.

Labs are affectionate

At the end of the day, Sadie can be found nestled onto one of our laps, contently snoring.  We wanted our second dog to be equally as affectionate, which is just one more reason why we opted for a Lab.  Smokey is an oversized lap dogs who wants nothing more than to be our shadow throughout the day.  From day one, Smokey integrated into our nightly cuddle time routine seamlessly.

Labs are obedient

Besides their goofy, fun-loving personality, labs are also quick learners who love to please.  Smokey is very food motivated and quickly learned basic commands.  Within weeks we were confident enough in his obedience to allow him off leash on our property and we haven’t looked back!

Labs have few requirements

The last thing we wanted was a high maintenance dog, given our on-the-go lifestyle.  Smokey’s grooming requirements are minimal, and besides a good weekly brushing session, he is very low-maintenance.  We feed him Royal Canin’s Labrador Retriever formula, which keeps him healthy, happy, and energetic! And it was easy to get Labrador Insurance from PetCare



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