Dogs, just like humans, need mental stimulation in order to stay happy and healthy throughout their lifetime.  Mental stimulation can be achieved in a number of ways, such as through regular socialization, daily exercise outdoors, and by teaching new tricks and commands.  For especially intelligent dogs, an extra interaction may be required to keep boredom at bay.  There are a number of ways to provide dogs with an outlet for excessive mental energy, but one of the simplest ways is to provide specially designed interactive toys.  Intended to be used as puzzles that range in difficulty level from simple to near-impossible, food is hidden inside secret compartments in the toys and dogs must figure out how to access the food.  These activities can keep even the smartest dogs entertained for hours.  Listed below are only a few of the benefits that interactive dog toys deliver.

Bust boredom

Bored canines are a recipe for destruction and disaster.  A dog’s idea of fun is destroying the couch, digging through the garbage, or chewing on the best tasting (and most expensive) pair of shoes.  Interactive dog toys redirect a dog’s energy by forcing him or her to think critically in order for a tasty reward.  Since most dogs are food motivated, working until every last piece of food has been found will be more enticing than any other activity the dog can conceive.  Play System’s Dog Magic toy is especially fun for pups because dogs can also use their best asset – their nose – to find the treats.  This toy has nine compartments, each of which is covered with a bone shaped lid.  Treats can be hidden in one or all of the slots, and the dog must figure out which compartment has the treats, and then how to access the tasty prizes!

Slow down eating

Eating too fast is not only a bad habit, but can also lead to serious health problems, such as bloat.  Dogs in multiple pet households, rescue dogs, and anxious pups can all develop the habit of eating too quickly.  Keeping a dog from gulping his food in one bite not only improves digestion but is also more instinctive for naturally born foragers.  After all, canine ancestors were not simply given a bowl of food twice per day – they had to work for their meals!  With toys such as the Play System Treat Ball, simply place the dog’s entire meal in the ball and let him or her work to get all the kibble.  Not only will your dog suffer less tummy distress, but he or she will also find this foraging method a fun way to satisfy the need to think!

Dog Toys help with separation anxiety

Dogs with mild separation anxiety can be entertained and even reconditioned with an interactive toy.  By giving the dog a toy filled with treats, not only will the pup come to associate being alone with food and fun but will also keep him or her occupied during your absence.  Play System’s Treat Maze is a perfect toy to keep a dog busy.  Treats are placed in the centre compartment, and the dog must figure out how to spin and flip the toy to release the treats.  Even the smartest pups will not figure this one out too quickly!