5 Most Common Emergency Veterinary Visits

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When questioning whether pet health insurance is right for you, it is easy to think that your dog is healthy and therefore will never require emergency care.  However, many reimbursements by pet health insurance companies are caused by emergency situations.  The most common emergency veterinary visits are described. Accidental Poisoning The top cause of accidental death [...]

What to Do when Fleas Strike

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Flea infestations can be a dog owner’s worst nightmare.  The constant itching, scratching, and general discomfort of the infested dog is nerve wracking, not to mention the annoyance of fleas invading the home infesting the humans in the household.  Without proper vigilance, a few fleas can turn into a full-blown infestation.  The following are a few [...]

My Dog is Pregnant?

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How to tell if my Dog is Pregnant Canine pregnancy is different from a human’s in many ways.  For one, the gestational period is much shorter – only two months – which makes early detection important to maintain optimal health for your pregnant dog.  Additionally, female dogs that have not been spayed have the ability to [...]